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Who we are

Who are we

Founded in 2004 by Hugo Almeida, VIHU Systems is an ​​engineering company for electronic security and telecommunications solutions.

Operating in several markets such as Portugal, Spain, France, United Kingdom and Romania, VIHU Systems embraces large areas of electronic security and telecommunications in EPC.

From Portugal to the World and based in São João da Madeira, VIHU Systems is constantly looking on technological innovation and breaking down the barriers of the conventional.


Security Systems


Protect your assets with our advanced technology security system and video recording. In the event of an intrusion, the alarm detectors notify you in real-time and activate a response action with help.


In the event of a fire, SADI system detects the first smoke signal, preventing flames from spreading through the areas.
It is designed for you and your family, avoiding disaster situations.


Manage your teams better with Vihu Systems access controls. Check all entrances and exits and customize the accesses according to your needs.


Keep every corner of your space under surveillance with the Vihu Systems video surveillance system.
Monitor all movements remotely and protect all your personal assets.



Make sure your home is always protected with security solutions from Vihu Systems.
Monitor all movements and keep your family safe.


With proven experience in securing solar farms around the world, Vihu Systems provides you with the hawk eye you need to control the extensive areas of your parks.


Protect your company and equipment with security solutions from Vihu Systems. Combine video surveillance, intrusion, fire detection, access control, among others, in a single turnkey and fully customized solution.